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Author steve.dower
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Date 2015-09-09.04:11:04
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New patch. Mostly build and installer changes, but the distutils/ is also part of it.

I've run a full build and done basic testing with a full test run going now, but I don't have a clean machine handy to try it without the full CRT install, so that'll have to wait until tomorrow.

This *basically* reverts the build back to /MD for everything. The one exception is that distutils now knows which DLLs are shipped with Python and if a vcruntime is needed that isn't included, it will be put into the dist (or statically linked). So wheels created with 3.5.6 and MSVC 15.0 will still run against 3.5.0, even if the user has not installed the latest VCRedist.
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