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Author steve.dower
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Date 2015-09-09.02:29:03
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Okay, here's a proposal:

We bundle vcruntime140.dll with Python's normal install, so it's always there and extensions that use it do not need to ship anything.

When distutils._msvccompiler is used to build an extension with a *different* version of MSVC, it will copy the dependency or statically link (as in my attached patch).

This does not prevent us from changing the compiler used for 3.5, as long as we continue to ship both vcruntime140.dll and the newer version, and extensions build with newer compilers will include the dependency or pick up the bundled one if they are on a version that includes it.

(Extensions that use C++ and depend on msvcp###.dll will need to ship that themselves, obviously.)

I'll post a new patch shortly, but it's only a very small change from this one for distutils, and the rest is in the installer.
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