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Date 2015-09-08.19:23:13
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Since 3.4.1, string.Formatter() accepts empty keys {}. If these are nested they give different results from explicitly numbered, where the same arguments applied  "".format() give the expected results:

    from string import Formatter

    f = Formatter()

    fmt0 = "X {:<{}} {} X"
    fmt1 = "X {0:<{1}} {2} X"

    for fmt in [fmt0, fmt1]:
        x = f.format(fmt, 'ab', 5, 1)
        y = fmt.format(   'ab', 5, 1)

    X ab    5 X
    X ab    1 X
    X ab    1 X
    X ab    1 X
of which the first line is incorrect.
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