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Date 2015-09-08.14:10:51
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Script to reproduce the issue:
import time
import locale
import pprint

time_tuple = time.struct_time((1999,3,17,1,44,55,2,76,0))

p1 = time.strftime("%p", time_tuple)
print("current LC_TIME", repr(p1))

locale.setlocale(locale.LC_TIME, ('de_DE', 'UTF8'))
p2 = time.strftime("%p", time_tuple)
print("de_DE (UTF8)", repr(p2))

$ python3.4
current LC_TIME 'AM'
de_DE (UTF8) ''

The problem is that strftime()/wcsftime() *can* return 0, it's not an error. Whereas c31dad22c80d considers that if buflen is 0 but fmtlen is smaller than 5, we must retry with a larger buffer.
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