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Thank you for the license.

I mentioned my project mainly as a place where this code can be *tested*. I have no problem with keeping capsulethunk.h in the Python docs, and synchronizing the two projects if changes are made on either side. In other words, feel free to use the first patch :)

Regarding users – in my opinion, including a whole header directly in the docs is questionable (to me it smells of untested copy-paste code), and the link goes to – an external site from the users' point of view.
Also, if someone needs to port CObject, their extension is very likely to be complicated enough to need much more material than the HOWTO provides.
See py3c's `modernization docs`_ for several things the HOWTO doesn't address.
So, in my obviously biased opinion, linking to py3c will help users.
(Perhaps a link to py3c should be at the top of the HOWTO, but that's not for this issue. I'm working to get to a point where I'm comfortable suggesting that.)

There's obviously the question of whether I should be improving the HOWTO rather than starting my own thing. I have three reasons: testability, the fact that py3c docs are already way too long for a HOWTO, and the fact that py3c is quite opinionated. (The more opinionated, the more more in-depth the solutions can be. I've been toning it down lately, though.)

_ modernization docs:
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