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Date 2015-09-06.02:51:47
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Removing smtpd would definitely be a hardship for me right now, probably for obvious reasons.  I use it in testing frameworks, and even wrote a library called lazr.smtptest that is built around smtpd.  In Mailman, we have an LMTP server built on smtpd that implements *the* official way of getting mail into the system from an upstream mail server.  Mailman 3 core FWIW is Python 3.4 and 3.5 compatible.

That all being said, I've also been thinking lately about an asyncio-based reimplementation of SMTP and LMTP.  asyncore/chat and smtpd are not the easiest modules to work with, extend, understand, or debug.  I'd be very happy to collaborate with folks on an asyncio-based version.  Maybe we can put that out as a third party module, with a long term plan on pulling it into the stdlib and promoting it instead of smtpd.
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