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Date 2015-09-04.15:35:10
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> @haypo, yeah, definitely better than mine! All good for me.

Ok. I added your name to Misc/ACKS. I had to do some tricks to apply the patch to Python 3.4 (code was in Python/pythonrun.c) and then to merge to Python 3.5 (code moved to Python/pylifecycle.c). But I checked the fix in each version using gdb:

* put a breakpoint on create_stdio,
* type "print close(0)" after the first is_valid_fd() check,
* see that the open() exception is correctly handled (type "next", "next", ... and check that we go to the error: label and then enter the if() block)

Thanks for your patch Marco.

I prefer to be extra safe by checking the raised exception to minimize the risk of regression.
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