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Date 2015-09-04.01:54:03
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On 9/3/2015 4:31 AM, Larry Hastings wrote:

> Terry, if you want this pulled in to Python 3.5.0, you'll need to create a pull request on Bitbucket.  Instructions are here:

I don't remember seeing this, but done now.

> and here:

I did get this. This step

   4: Pull from the 3.5.0 repo into your "cpython351-merge" directory.
          % hg pull ssh://

gives me a

Putty Fatal Error: Disconnected: No supported authentication methods 
available (server sent publickey).

I presume it would require a key on deposit, as with  It 
seems however that
     hg pull
might work in that it searched for changes and found none (as expected).

There is something odd about the size of your clone.  My cpython clone 
is 928 MB on disk with 30300 files, while the clone of my fork of your 
repository is 1.59 GB for 14500 files.
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