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Date 2015-09-03.17:56:07
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The standard on Windows is to bring up a context menu on right-button-release, not on r-b-press.  What about linux and mac?  

Thunderbird and Notepad++ move the insertion cursor on rb-press, That is the paste position even if the mouse is moved before release. Notepad does not move the insert cursor. MS Word is confusing, erasing the cursor when the menu is displayed and moving it when the menu goes away. has this code for context menu event binding:

        if macosxSupport.isAquaTk():
            # Some OS X systems have only one mouse button,
            # so use control-click for pulldown menus there.
            #  (Note, AquaTk defines <2> as the right button if
            #   present and the Tk Text widget already binds <2>.)
            # Elsewhere, use right-click for pulldown menus.

Testing with my middle button, a press and release act the same as left click to move the insertion cursor to the mouse cursor. Moving my mouse while holding the middle button down moves the text pane within the text window. The insertion cursor is not moved. This is pretty much redundant with using the scroll wheel or scroll bar.

Would it confuse Mac users to have rt-click for context menu only work in debugger?  Could we make rt-click work in editor windows by recording position or time on press and compare position or time on release?
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