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On 03.09.2015 13:37, flying sheep wrote:
> all three OSs have stable, widely followed standards in place, and the idea of providing a python stdlib API for them received an almost unanimously positive response – with the sole exception being you.

I'm not against developing another module based on appdirs for this.

I do question the usefulness of having such a module in the stdlib,
since I've already gone through a similar experience with the platform
module I wrote several years ago. Ongoing development is not really possible
once a module is in the stdlib and older Python releases don't
benefit from new developments either.

Regarding standard vs. convention: that's all smoke and mirrors :-)
A standard that's not being adopted is not a standard. A convention
may well turn into a standard without ever being written down as
one. A module implementing any such standards or conventions will
have to address more than just one way of doing things in order
to stay compatible with existing software or new developments.
That's what I wanted to say.

But this ticket is not about that discussion anyway...
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