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Date 2015-09-03.08:53:37
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Well, this is making me nervous to apply during the RCs.  But... I'm willing to risk it.

My price: I want to see this run on a bunch of otherwise-healthy buildbots to make sure it doesn't break any platforms.

In case you've never done such a thing, here's how: create a "server-side clone" on, apply the patch to that tree, and push to the server-side clone.  Then grab a fistful of URLs to "custom" buildbots from here:

and visit each individual page, e.g.

and use the "Force Build" GUI at the bottom to kick off a build using the server-side clone with the patch applied.

Nathaniel: If Brett doesn't have the time to deal with this, I can make the server-side clone and check in the patch onto it.  You can then kick off the builds and report back the results.
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