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Date 2015-08-29.22:19:18
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I think the current situation is mainly an artifact of our relative dearth
of regression testing for embedded configurations, and the fact that we
have very few core developers working for companies embedding CPython in
larger applications.

I do care about that space (hence PEP 432), but operating system
integration, software distribution tools, and improved modularisation take
precedence on work time, and the science & education sectors on my personal

I did recently file issue 24932 to propose investigating and adopting a C
level unit testing framework for the embedding tests, as one of the things
my preliminary work on PEP 432 highlighted is how limited our current
direct testing capabilities for the embedding API are - at this point,
we're mostly limited to testing it the way CPython uses it, which makes it
unfortunately fragile for embedders (as issues like this one show).
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