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Here are some options.

a) Don't make the new thing public - instead export within Python.exe the existing private symbol _...withNames. Pros: no change to public API. Cons: extension modules using the public API cannot make these sorts of errors clearer.

b) Add a new API. Either narrow (add the parameter) or big (add a struct). Pros: everyone treated equally. Cons: More API surface area, and more complex calling convention.

c) use symbol versioning to change the existing API. Cons: more complex build-time detection for users. Pros: API surface area held constant.

d) Don't fix it. :)

I don't have a particular preference, though the struct thing is a wash IMO - it saves adding a serial to the API, at the cost of having a versioned datastructure which needs an embedded serial number. [Except perhaps that you can use symbol versioning to deal with evolutions of the struct - but thats fairly complex to carry off well, and I think this would be the first example w/in Python].
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