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Current implementation of `patch.dict` spoils order of items in `collections.OrderedDict`, because it explicitly converts passed `values` to `dict` (

    # support any argument supported by dict(...) constructor
    self.values = dict(values)

Most obvious way is to check if `values` is an instance of `dict`. If it's not, then we need to convert it to dict:

    if not isinstance(values, dict):
        values = dict(values)

    self.values = values

This will work for `OrderedDict`, because it's a subclass of `dict`. But this will not work for `UserDict.UserDict`, `UserDict.DictMixin`, `collections.MutableMapping`, etc., because they do not subclass `dict`. So, better way is to less strict check and look if `values` implements `dict`-like interface, e.g.:

    if not hasattr(values, 'update'):
        values = dict(values)

    self.values = values

Here is a question existence of what attrs to check.

Any ideas?

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