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OK, so I think the goal was to prevent more than one *directory* from being specified, since as I said earlier that wouldn't make sense given we have only a single destdir path.

However, for backward compatibility reasons we should probably not restrict it, but rather invoke the python "consenting adults" rule and let you shoot yourself in the foot that way if you want to.  It only affects error messages, after all.

So yeah, if you can build a new patch including some tests that would be great.  Best way is to check out the repository, switch to the 3.4 branch, edit the files, and use 'hg diff' to generate the patch.  Doing it that way makes it easy to test your changes.  But whatever method of coming up with a context diff that you care to use is also fine.

More detailed information about the normal workflow is in  Note that in addition to the central repository at, there are also bitbucket and github mirrors, which should both be mentioned in the devguide (if they aren't, that's a bug in the devguide :)
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