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Author can.ibanoglu
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Date 2015-08-19.16:29:52
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I have also prepared a patch for the second item but I don't know if I should regenerate the patch after you have committed the first patch so I'm sitting on it now. 

I also didn't update the ACKS and NEWS files, should I?

Here's what I did for the second item, just in case you spot something I shouldn't be doing:

         sublist = []
         if frame.f_globals is not frame.f_locals:
             item = VariablesTreeItem("<locals>", frame.f_locals, self.flist)
-            sublist.append(item)
-        item = VariablesTreeItem("<globals>", frame.f_globals, self.flist)
+        else:
+            item = VariablesTreeItem("<globals>", frame.f_globals, self.flist)
         return sublist
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