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Date 2015-08-17.18:31:50
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Welcome. I was hoping a new contributor would see the 'easy' tag. Nervous is okay as long as it leads to heighten carefulness without paralysis.  I am still nervous hitting the [Commit] button.

1. Important. Sign the contributor agreement.
I will not look at a patch until you say you have signed.  I will not commit until the '*' appears on your name (perhaps a week).

2. Once you sign, I will give you at least a week to produce something before I work on this by myself.  Patch needs to apply to 3.4, but should be identical for 3.4/5/6.

3. Post a patch as soon as you do a complete chunk (any of the numbered items).  Start with either 1. or 2. and switch if you get stuck.

Does above answer your question?
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