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Date 2015-08-17.18:07:26
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So you mean text background as opposed to widget background.  I changed the background of non-user-entered shell, stdout, and stderr text in my personal highlight theme to light versions of the foreground, and like the result so much I have considered proposing changing the defaults. The result in Shell is to separate user entries from prompts and output and the latter three from each other.

This leaves the 6 user-entry text items with white background. This would be helpful since most people would want all 6 backgrounds in the editor the same and it is tedious to get all 6 the same 1 at a time and even worse to experiment with different settings. The explanation might be a bit tricky, but the idea is simple enough once seen.  However, I would not want the individualized colors for non-user text altered.

It seems that you want to be able to collectively define 'background white' to an off-white that would either apply to all user-entered
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