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Date 2015-08-17.17:17:16
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I am admittedly not a fan of skinnable user interfaces, especially for non-entertainment applications. It doesn't add anything to the usability, and makes support harder. It always says to me "hello, 2002 called and wants it's user interface back". I think the actual changing themes part of ttk is the least useful piece.

However, I've no grand objection to adding a setting in the general pane for this, perhaps called "User Interface Skin". 

I'm still very fond of "themes" for the syntax coloring tab. The two most commonly used terms seem to be "themes" (e.g. TextMate, Eclipse), and "color schemes" (e.g. Sublime, UltraEdit).

On the matter of changing background color, what I mean is that to modify the background color so that e.g. it's off-white instead of white, you need to change I think it's nine different theme elements.
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