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Date 2015-08-17.13:47:54
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If I understand you correctly, the only advantage of using /MT is
not require admin privileges for installation of the VC2015 runtime

Since VC2015 will be used by a lot of applications in a few months,
and it's likely that MS will ship the runtime as Windows update anyway,
the advantage seems minor.

OTOH, the requirement of linking against external libraries which you
cannot recompile or don't support /MT is rather common and won't
go away. And the need for security updates to the ucrt is rather
inevitable as well based on experience with previous CRTs.

Being able to build a statically linked Python binary is a nice
feature for some special application settings, but given the rather
weak arguments for making this the default, I'm not convinced that
this is a good way forward, esp. not when even MS itself recommends
against doing this.

We can have Python run VCredist during the installation to make
sure the runtime DLLs are available. Then no one will have a problem.
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