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3.5 is the same as 3.6 in that now both help(help) and help('help') show the not terribly helpful "Help on _Helper in module site object:...". Buried in the text is  
 |  Calling help() at the Python prompt starts an interactive help session.
 |  Calling help(thing) prints help for the python object 'thing'.

As before, I think the _Helpter stuff should be eliminated and 
explanation added for help('topic') and a description of what 'topic's are specially recognized.

There has been this improvement
>>> help('jslfjslfdjlskfj')  # 3.4
no Python documentation found for 'jslfjslfdjlskfj'

>>> help('jsflksjflkjsl')  # 3.5
No Python documentation found for 'jsflksjflkjsl'.
Use help() to get the interactive help utility.
Use help(str) for help on the str class.

but the latter omits decription of what 'topic' will give special output.  By experiment, keywords (help('if')), builtins, and unimported modules (help('itertools')) works.

Yes, 3.4 can be patched.
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