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To facilitate using IDLE to learn Python, and perhaps as a first experience with programming altogether, and taking advantage of the fact that IDLE comes with Python out of the box, I propose the following:

1. A new "learning" mode be introduced to Python. We can characterize IDLE's current behaviour as the "advanced" mode.

2. The goal of this learning mode is to make decisions for users that best help them concentrate on the task at hand, and minimize the time needed to focus on IDLE as an application.

3. In learning mode:
  3a.  The existing configuration dialog should not be present.
  3b.  The existing Options menu should not be present.
  3c.  The concept of 'extensions' should not be part of the UX.

4. The list of requirements in #3 is a starting point only.

5. At some point in time, the learning mode will become IDLE's default.

6. Switching from learning mode to advanced mode should be "protected" in some form (warnings, a quiz regarding one's favourite colour, etc.).

7. The expected path for most who continue beyond the learning phase is to switch to another IDE (Sublime, TextMate, Atom, etc.). Therefore an explicit non-goal of the learning mode is transitioning to advanced mode.
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