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For popup menus, control-click works, but right-click on mouse buttons that support it, doesn't work.

This is a followup to #10404, last addressed in 2010.

As noted there, right click behaviour should be supported.

The right click Tk text bindings on Mac (which is B2) seem to bind both to the virtual 'PasteSelection' event, and also to fast-scroll through a large file is you click and drag with the right mouse button. Both of these are blatant problems with Tk's text.tcl.

The issue when trying to fix this before was when a B2 (context menu) binding was added to the text widget, both that and the bogus B2 bindings fired. This is because Tk can fire multiple bindings for a widget (default is bindings for the widget itself, the widget's toplevel, the widget's class, and 'all'). 

There is a way to short-circuit this in Tcl (basically the widget-specific binding calls 'break', which prevents the others from firing). The simpler alternative is probably just redefining the alternative class-level (Text) bindings.

In other words, yeah, this should be pretty easily fixable.
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