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Date 2015-07-31.06:21:23
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Here's a complete drop-in replacement.

More specific constraints on which elements to look for and where to look for them in the tree can be expressed in :ref:`XPath <elementtree-xpath>`.  :meth:`Element.iterfind` iterates over all elements matching such a path expression.  In the following example, it finds all direct <country> children of *root*.  :meth:`Element.find` provides a shortcut to find only the *first* matching element, in this example the first <rank> child.  Once an element is found, :attr:`Element.text` accesses the element's immediate text content and :meth:`Element.get` accesses the element's attributes.


   >>> for country in root.iterfind('country'):
   ...   rank = country.find('rank').text
   ...   name = country.get('name')
   ...   print(name, rank)
   Liechtenstein 1
   Singapore 4
   Panama 68

Note that the reviewed doc patch in issue 24079 also hasn't been applied yet. It would help here.
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