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Date 2015-07-29.22:42:58
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For the benefit of anyone reading the file, I would prefer "font = TkFixedFont", though I notice that LoadFontConfig has a backup default.

Just as important, I think: IDLE Preferences => Font/Tabs => Editor Base Font needs a [Default] button so people can unselect a non-default selection without remembering what the default was.  Other changes (re-arrangements) are needed to use the space better, but for now, I think increasing the height to make room would be sufficient. Or perhaps 'TkFixedFont could be added to the top of the list before adding the sorted list of those available.

The tricky issue is this: when a user changes a setting, the change is saved to a change dictionary.  When [Apply] or [OK] are clicked, the new values are compared to the defaults and non-defaults are written to the user file.  (Some files get sets of values written).  So a user needs to be able to select 'TkFixedFont' to avoid having a specific font written to the user file (which might be the only item in the file, and which would override a future change to the binding of TkFixedFont).
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