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Author Steven.Barker
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Date 2015-07-29.00:09:56
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I've finally gotten around to looking into this issue and it turns out that fixing "from package import *" to work with circular imports is pretty easy, as all that needs to be done is apply the same logic from the patch for issue 17636 to the loop in the next function. I'll attach a patch that does this.

Unfortunately, my Windows build environment seems to be completely messed up at the moment and I'm getting link errors on everything in my python repo, so I've not been able to test the code at all. Since I have no idea when I'll actually have the time to learn what the hell's going wrong with MSVC, I though I'd submit my patch and perhaps somebody on a better OS can make sure it works properly. I've included a new test which should show the issue with circular imports (and verify that the rest of the patch fixes it, hopefully).
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