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Date 2015-07-28.20:04:02
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We need to know whether this issue is specific to Windows or not.  (I requested a Linux user to check.)  We also need to know why the config dialogs do not have the min and max boxes.  Neither '.attributes' and '-toollevel' appear in a grep of idlelib.

The changes I see are squared corners, narrower title bar, much narrower [X] button, Idle icon omitted, and dialog omitted from taskbar. None of these apply to the config dialogs.  (I do not see a change in the close button, but this does not matter.)

Vivek, welcome to the tracker (2nd comment, I see).  When reporting a patch in a comment box, please cut and paste the actual added code, and on a separate line. You omitted the needed quotes when retyping ;-). Unlike StackOverflow, for instance, these comment boxes do not recognize markup such as ``.
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