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What's your plan for installers for Py3.6?

In a world where backward compatibility is not an issue I'd definitely advocate trying to move to some kind off .app as the installation.

That is: have a {SomeName}.app that contains the entire Python installation. Arguably SomeName could be IDLE, but it could also be a new custom GUI that does "stuff".  There'd obviously also need to be a documented way to get to the actual sys.prefix from the command-line.

The advantage of this is that users don't have to use on an installer at all, just drop {SomeName}.app in the filesystem and use it.

Getting this to work might be quite a lot of work though, the current binaries are not linked in such a way that this is possible and pyvenv also complicates things.

A major disadvantage is that this likely breaks at least some users workflow.
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