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Date 2015-07-22.14:58:45
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I don't think it is possible to fix this crash other than by removing the use of _scproxy (proxy autodection on OSX) completely.

Problem is that Apple's higher level APIs (such as those used in _scproxy) don't take the use-case of calling fork(2), but not exec(2), to create child processes into account. 

BTW. I'm against removing _scproxy because that makes platform integration worse.

I guess this should be documented somewhere, and possibly just in the documentation for os.fork() with a warning about not using just fork on OSX when there's any chance that some C extension you use calls into a higher level API.

BTW. I could reproduce the crash on 10.9, but failed to do so on 10.10 earlier today (but that might just mean I have to try harder...)
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