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Date 2015-07-22.10:22:33
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I'm not wild about this idea. The problem with the assert methods has *essentially* been solved now, so I'm not convinced of the need for this change (unless users really *need* to have their own mocked attributes like "assert_called_with" which I think is highly unlikely).

Part of the genius of mock was providing a flexible mock object that also encapsulated simple methods for introspecting/asserting how it has been used. Changing to require users to import/know about a whole host of separate functions doesn't feel like an improvement to me. That's aside from the whole "breaking people's code for no tangible benefit" issue.

I acknowledge that other people, Carl for example, have different opinions - but from talking to many, many mock users over the years I think that those with the philosophically purist approach are in a minority to those who appreciate the more practical approach that mock takes.
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