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It is consistent as in it happens on every run of the test suite. But unfortunately I haven't checked if it's always happening at the same place. Luckily we have 4 builds on Travis with 3.6 and in all it happened from the beginning and got > 100 matches for “KeyError:”:


Maybe I can do additional analysis but I'm pretty sure for me locally I didn't get failures so soon.

And no I wasn't aware about OrderedDict implemented in C. Now I haven't done tests in 3.5.0b3 (which seems to be the newest version of 3.5 available via pyenv at the moment) as it's relatively cumbersome and prevents me from doing any development on pywikibot at the same time. Anyway I still might do it and report whether I get the error too (unless OrderedDict is still implemented in Python in that version).
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