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Author yselivanov
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Date 2015-07-21.14:30:24
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An updated patch is attached.  I had to implement a little bit more sophisticated tracking of one-line functions to fix parsing of things like

    def foo():
        async def f(): pass
        async def f(): pass
        async = 1

I hope that now covers all possible legal and illegal async/await syntax.

> Haven't reviewed the patch, but this approach sounds great (in fact I had
> assumed you were doing this already, and I was a bit surprised by some of
> the problems you encountered :-).

Yes, I'm a bit surprised myself ;)  I guess one of the reasons why I tried to do more in tokenizer is that at the time of me hacking the tokenizer, compile.c wasn't quite ready (specifically, catching async for/async with/await outside of async functions).

> Good news :) I guess this means we can also remove the sentence I added at [..]

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