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Author James Salter
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Date 2015-07-20.11:05:19
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Encountered trying to build numpy with python 3.5b3, visual studio 2015.

From distutils/

        if self._need_link(objects, output_filename):
            ldflags = (self.ldflags_shared_debug if debug
                       else self.ldflags_shared)
            if target_desc == CCompiler.EXECUTABLE:
                ldflags = ldflags[1:]


        self.ldflags_shared = [
            '/nologo', '/DLL', '/INCREMENTAL:NO'
        self.ldflags_shared_debug = [
            '/nologo', '/DLL', '/INCREMENTAL:no', '/DEBUG:FULL'

Which leads to a DLL being created instead of a .exe.

I have attached a patch that explicitly removes '/DLL' rather than trimming by index.
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