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This is a problem that will never be fixed.  Sure, it was a release blocker in Python 3.4.

It wasn't fixed.

It is a release blocker in Python 3.5.

It won't be fixed.

They'll just tell you to indent using the spacebar as generations of typists have done for centuries.

It won't be fixed.

Why don't you just use ipython or bpython?

It won't be fixed.

Doesn't your IDE take care of this?

It won't be fixed.

By the way, backspace will never work right either.  No, that will never be fixed.

Did we mention that this will never be fixed?   

You can fix it!

Yes, you!  No, I mean you! Yes, yes, you can.

Simply edit the file Lib/ and comment out the line that does this:

      # enablerlcompleter()

Problem solved. All is well.

By the way.  This problem will never be fixed.  That is all.
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