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Date 2015-07-05.13:05:43
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It seems the consequences of PEP 0448 weren't really thought through. :-/ (And BTW why isn't it in "What's new in Python 3.5"? I know there is a file with full details, but I guess this really should be notable enough.)

    {0:1, **{0:2}, 0:3, 0:4}

Do you know what is the value of that dict? And does it make sense to you? It surely doesn't make sense to me (though I understand the implementation). I know things are really subtle and even Guido gets it wrong (, even without PEP 0448, but this particular instance is horrible.

ValueError would be perfect, I'd be ok with 4, I'd shrug on 1, I'd frown on 2, but I _scream_ on 3. Please fix this until it's too late and fictional "backward compatibility" starts to freeze the wrong behaviour.
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