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On Fri, Jun 26, 2015 at 09:20:18PM +0000, Terry J. Reedy wrote:

> I agree that the tuple explanation if ok.  But "Return whether an 
> object is an instance of a class or of a subclass thereof." (3.5) 
> seems wrong.  I believe 'subclass' should be 'superclass'.

No, the current description is correct.

> >>> class C: pass
> >>> class Csub(C): pass
> >>> isinstance(C(), Csub)
> False

In this case, the instance C() is an instance of a *superclass* of 
Csub, and isinstance returns False.

> >>> isinstance(Csub(), C)
> True

In this case, the instance Csub() is an instance of a *subclass* of C, 
and isinstance returns True.
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