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Author RusiMody
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Date 2015-06-25.03:26:20
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While trying to freshly setup a CPython repo, encountered the following
CRLF issues:

Mixed file -- both LF and CRLF (line 29 LF rest CRLF)

Lib/test/decimaltestdata is a directory with mixed up files -- ie some CRLF some LF files

PCbuild/readme.txt: CRLF (explicit)
This is fine. Many of the following should (ideally/IMHO) be likewise CRLF (not BIN)

*.sln: CRLF but marked as BIN in hgeol

Emacs shows as Dos file; But not picked up by file; maybe other such

Missing BIN pattern from .hgeol
Note that Doc/library/turtle-star.pdf exists
This is most likely a bug

Existent file-types with non-existent files in hgeol; Probably harmless

These seem straightforward CRLF files to me; why BIN in hgeol?
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