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Those are in the second (or rather the first, in the file) group of tests, which have a timeout of 3 on python3.  The comment in the test case says that DNS lookup delays can cause timeouts.  Is there any chance that that machine sometimes has problems looking up 'localhost'?

There is no record in this issue of any change being applied to the tests, and I don't see any changes by Stefan in the file.

I suppose there's no real reason not to make all the timeouts 15 on both 2.7 and python3.  It is weird that those tests should take so long to run, but more likely to be an environment problem than a python code problem.  On the other hand, you might want to look in to why this is happening on FreeBSD, it might reveal something interesting.  

The problem with this theory, of course, is that we haven't apparently seen the timeouts on python3.  But I'm not sure what to look at to try to diagnose a difference...the smtplib code isn't that different between the two, so presumably if there is a real difference it is at the level of the socket code.  Since this is as far as we know only a test problem, we should probably just go ahead and increase the timeouts.
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