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Reviews of the patches waiting here:

tarfile, calendar (Joel): Look mainly good; I added minor suggestions about the test cases to Reitveld.

fileinput (Mauro): Looks pretty good; one minor comment on Rietveld.

csv (Jacek): Pretty good; couple minor suggestions. In a perfect world, I don’t think __doc/version__ should be there, but since they are already there it is probably safer to leave them. In general, I think style fixes in related code are okay; although in this case I have no problem with the original single blank lines.

There is nothing seriously wrong with the patches so far. They could be committed, perhaps with a few of the tweaks I suggested.

Summary of other things mentioned here left to do:

* Common helper function
* gettext: Module fixed, but no changes to test suite
* Remaining modules from Serhiy’s list: cgi, configparser, doctest, enum, ftplib, http.cookies, logging, mailbox, mimetypes, optparse, pickletools, plistlib, pydoc, smtpd, subprocess, threading, tkinter.ttk, tokenize, wave, xml.etree.ElementTree.

One outstanding question is what to do about module-level constants that are only briefly mentioned in the documentation. IMO they should be included in __all__. Examples: http.client statuses <>, tarfile member types <>, calendar weekdays <>. Precedent of similar constants that are already included, in native Python modules: io SEEK_ constants; lzma FORMAT_, CHECK_, PRESET_ etc.
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