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Date 2015-06-11.22:55:46
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test_utime_ns.patch: rewrite _test_utime_ns(). It now uses constant timestamps for atime and mtime with a resolution of 1 us.

The test will fail if the internal function of os.utime() has a resolution of 1 sec (utime() with time_t) of if the resolution of filesystem timestamp is worse than 1 us.

In practice on buildbots, it looks like the effective resolution of 1 us (FreeBSD, Solaris), 100 ns (Windows) or 1 ns (Linux). So 1 us should work on all buildbot slaves.

test_utime_ns.patch doesn't call os.utime() on directories, only on a regular file. I don't understand the purpose of testing with a directory. Are we testing the OS or Python?
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