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Author Patrick Maupin
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Date 2015-06-11.22:54:09
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Thank you for the quick response, Serhiy.  I had started investigating and come to the conclusion that it was a problem with the compiler rather than the C engine.  Interestingly, my next step was going to be to use names for the compiler constants, and then I noticed you did that exact same thing in the 3.6 tree.

I will try this out on my use-case tomorrow to make sure it fixes my issue, but now I'm intrigued by the inner workings of this, so I have two questions:

1) Do you know if anybody maintains a patched version of the Python code anywhere?  I could put a package up on github/PyPI, if not.

2) Do you know if anybody has done a good writeup on the behavior of the instruction stream to the C engine?  I could try to do some work on this and put it with the package, if not, or point to it if so.

Thanks and best regards,
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