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@Carl.Kleffner: that is an interesting message but it discusses using binutils(/mingw?) generated import libraries with the MS linker.

This bugreport was about two 64-bit objects that were accidentally included in an otherwise 32-bit library and it has been resolved.

I am not entirely sure why people are anticipating possible problems for which I have seen no actual bug reports or build failures. Searching this bugtracker for mingw related reports shows 187 reports over the past 13.5 years and at first glance I don't see any about compatibility issues between versions. There are only 3 for mingw+libpython, one of which is this report.

The various windows forks of mingw, maybe in an attempt to reach Visual C compatibility, may have as stable a format but the only failure I have personally seen was this 64-bit objects in a 32-bit library problem, which does look to me like a tool chain bug but luckily there was a relatively simple "--as-flags=--32" workaround.

I just reread my comment and I it reads ruder than I meant it to be, I'm truly sorry for that. I appreciated reading the link you included to see some of those demons lurking in the depths.
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