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Date 2015-06-03.08:21:33
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> It is obvious that this case could be treated as a folded (continuation) line. But in general I think it would be better to ignore the erroneous line, or to record it as a defect so that the server module or other user can check it.

Just to clarify, in an instance very similar to this one this would be *terrible* advice. The token that would be lost here is the 'Secure' field on the cookie, which is an extremely important token to have: if we don't correctly parse it, we run the risk of sending the cookie on plaintext connections.

Discarding data is the problem, and while discarding *less* data is an improvement, it would be good if we could resolve this problem in such a way that we'd have correctly parsed this header.

Generally speaking, if we treat these as continuation lines I think we have the best change of making a useful header out of this mess.
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