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Date 2015-06-02.02:48:41
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I agree with the deprecation idea. The parameter checking logic doesn’t seem right though; see Reitveld. Also, I would have made the warning specify exactly what is deprecated, in case the stack trace doesn’t identify the function, which I think would always happen with check_call(). Also be less specific about future changes, unless there is clear consensus to make this change in 3.6. Maybe something like:

"Passing PIPE to call() and check_call() is deprecated; use DEVNULL instead to discard output or provide empty input"

Since 3.5 is now in the beta phase, would adding this deprecation be allowed, or should it be deferred to the 3.6 branch? Also, I’m not sure what the policy is for Python 2. Maybe it would be acceptable as a Python 3 compatibility warning, triggered by the “python2 -3” option; I dunno.
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