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Date 2015-06-01.22:02:34
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The 2.7 back-ported version of this patch appears to have broken compilation on the Windows XP buildbot, during the OpenSSL build process, when the newly built Python is used to execute the script.

After this patch, when that stage executes, and prior to any output from the build script, the python_d process goes to 100% CPU and sticks there until the build process times out 1200s later and kills it.

I don't think it's really ssl related though, as after doing some debugging the exact same thing happens if I simply run python_d (I never see a prompt - it just sits there burning CPU).  So I think is just the first use of the generated python_d during the build process.

I did try attaching to the CPU-stuck version of python_d from VS, and so far from what I can see, the process never gets past the Py_Initialize() call in Py_Main().  It's all over the place in terms of locations if I try interrupting it, but it's always stuck inside that first Py_Initialize call.

I'm not sure if it's something environmental on my slave, or a difference with a debug vs. production build (I haven't had a chance to try building a release version yet).

-- David
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