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Coverity has found an issue in odict, too:

*** CID 1302699:  Null pointer dereferences  (NULL_RETURNS)
/Objects/odictobject.c: 1316 in odict_copy()
1310             od_copy = PyObject_CallFunctionObjArgs((PyObject *)Py_TYPE(od), NULL);
1311         if (od_copy == NULL)
1312             return NULL;
1314         if (PyODict_CheckExact(od)) {
1315             _odict_FOREACH(od, node) {
>>>     CID 1302699:  Null pointer dereferences  (NULL_RETURNS)
>>>     Dereferencing a pointer that might be null "PyDict_GetItem((PyObject *)(PyObject *)od, node->key)" when calling "PyODict_SetItem".
1316                 int res = PyODict_SetItem((PyObject *)od_copy,
1317                                           _odictnode_KEY(node),
1318                                           _odictnode_VALUE(node, od));
1319                 if (res != 0)
1320                     goto fail;
1321             }
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