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Author andy_js
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Date 2015-05-28.16:34:31
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The -z ignore option is actually exposing issues that could cause a problem at runtime.  If the socket module were imported and libsocket/libnsl hadn't already been loaded (i.e pulled in by the loader as a dependency of another module) the loader would fail due to unresolved symbols.

This problem would not effect Linux because all of the socket stuff is in libc, which is not the case on Solaris.  Today it doesn't cause a problem because most other things are already pulling in libsocket and libnsl before the socket module is loaded, but there's no guarantee that will always be the case.

For the sake of correctness it should be fixed, and I would suggest later making -z ignore the default on Solaris.

I will see if I can find somebody else to review the patch.
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