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Date 2015-05-27.21:26:07
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[Reply to pitrou that I didn't seem to be able to make on Rietveld]

This part of the code is the most time sensitive and warrants expansion much more than other proposals (set copying, subset tests, etc).  I long aspired to split the lookup and insertion logic.  The former doesn't need dummy tracking and its split relieves the callers of doing dummy checks.  The latter needed to be more tightly integrated with set_insert_entry.  Both sets of logic have different branch prediction statistics depending on the input data.  Working going forward will be made easier for me by having the lookup and insertion logic separated.

The speed-up is modest but this part of a long series of modest speed-ups collectively adding-up to a nice boost.  The next in line is possibly adding likely/unlikely macros to improve the quality of code generation across different platforms. Overall the code size is just about the same it was in Python 2.7.
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