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Date 2015-05-25.07:28:43
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For the record, the SMTP scenario was Issue 17498, where code that is about to raise an exception attempts an RSET command that could also fail.

I do think each change in my patch is essentially the same case: restoring the invariant expected by the __exit__() method, that either the protocol state allows QUIT, or there is no connection. But I agree it may help divide this into smaller pieces. I am uploading getlongresp-loop.patch, which fixes just the receiving loop in _getlongresp().

I have also added some logic to avoid errors raised when flushing and closing the socket do not mask the original exception, which I understand David was concerned about. I guess it is possible (though unlikely) that an EPIPE or ECONNRESET flushing the send buffer could mask a KeyboardInterrupt raised inside the loop.

Sorry I took a while to follow up on this, but please have a look and let me know if this simplified patch makes any sense.
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