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so what you could do is to define more than one SOABI. The code in
 Python/dynload_shlib.c reads:

    "." SOABI ".so",
    ".abi" PYTHON_ABI_STRING ".so",

so it still recognizes .so names. If you want to recognize architecture specific sonames, then you would need something like

    "." "cpython-35m-<cpu>-darwin" ".so",
    "." "cpython-35m-darwin" ".so",
    ".abi" PYTHON_ABI_STRING ".so",

that would prefer to load the most specific so. Unfortunately that would be also seen as the visible soname to build extensions, which is probably not something like you want.

I still would prefer to use darwin instead of macosx, because that's the way config.sub/config.guess recognizes this platform.
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